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So, what is a workshop? I’m glad you asked! First, there is a comparison table to the right to highlight how a workshop compares to a course. But in short, both of them include videos, exercises, and bonus material that you can work through on your own time. However, a workshop includes a set date and time (1 day, 2 days, etc.) that the workshop will run. You still log in and work through it on your own. However, during the timeframe for the workshop, there will also be Office hours – group calls, Group chat – so you can chat with myself or other students, 1-on-1 calls – have a question or something you want to talk through? We’ll jump on a call. So, the biggest difference between the two is the level of access to the instructor that you get as a part of the workshop.

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Access for the length of the workshop Login anytime
Lifetime access to the corresponding course Lifetime access
Training Videos Training Videos
Labs & Exercises Labs & Exercises
Various interactions with the instructor and other students during the workshop Email support for the course
Limited enrollment Unlimited number of students
100% satisfaction guarantee 100% satisfaction guarantee

For every workshop we offer, we’ll create a corresponding course that will include all the workshop material but won’t have the ability to have the interaction with the instructor. If you want to just purchase the course, it will always be cheaper than the workshop. However, if you do register for a workshop, you’ll automatically receive the course for free in order to have continued access to the workshop content as well as access to any future updates.

If you have any additional questions or a different workshop you would like us to create contact us using the link at the top of the page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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